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Our Teachers...

Wendy Ulrich 

  • District Teacher of the Year (Anna ISD) 
  • Campus Teacher of the Year (Anna ISD) 
  • District Teacher of the Year (Van Alstyne ISD) 
  • ​Campus Teacher of the Year (Van Alstyne ISD) 
"Ms. Ulrich is one of those rare teachers who always goes above and beyond to ensure that all of her students are successful."

- Tisha Brown, Principal

Sharon Lundholm (Joined Outschool August 2020)

Outschool Profile

  • Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Interpersonal Communication with a specialization in Art Therapy 
  • Qualified Mental Health Professional 
  • Well-seasoned homeschooler 
  • ​Certified Brain Health Coach 

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Facilitator FAQ'S

What is TFSC?

The Fulfillment Source Code (TFSC) is a non-profit, registered 2018 in Seattle.
UBI# - 604284339-001-0001

Our MISSION is to educate and empower tweens to lead a fulfilled life.
Our GOAL is to provide the FSC course to kids everywhere.

The course has been tested and is kid-teacher-and-parent-approved.

 Is TFSC a registered organization on Outschool?

We just finished beta testing (in April – WAHOO!!!) the scalable adventure format and now putting together all the pieces to scale the program.
We are going through the process now.

Who is eligible to become an FSC Facilitator on Outschool?

Everyone who passes the Outschool background check is eligible.
If you are already an experienced Outschoool teacher, you’re ahead of the pack.
If you are experienced and passionate about empowering tweens, you’re aces in our books.
Send your details to

Overview explanation of How to Become an FSC Facilitator on Outschool?

1. Pass Outschool background checks
2. Pass the TFSC onboarding
3. Register on TFSC organization on Outschool.
4. You set your schedule

Are materials provided?

All content is provided.
Onboarding, class format, games, prep activities, discussions, after class activities… the whole sha-bang!

We designed the adventure to be FUN and EASY for facilitators.
The #1 requirement is enjoying engaging with tweens.

Once I join the FSC, can I still teach my other non-related courses/classes outside of the organization?


How are we hired? independent Contractors or Employees?

As we are a small non-profit organization, it has been recommended that all facilitators start as independent contractors

How much can I earn?

Outschool takes 30% (they providing the tech infrastructure)

TFSC takes 20% (for providing FSC content, format, additional marketing, support and extended community* for facilitators and students- *which we recognize is just starting)

You get the largest piece. 50%

Actual amounts depends on class size and class format.
To be fair, FSC Courses (same class/same format) will be the same price.

Hours required and Class Format?

Hours - up to YOU.

Everyone starts as an independent contractor, so YOU HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL over your time. If you want to give 1 class/week, you can.

We have designed the adventure so there are multiple ways to present it.
A 1-time starter, a multi-class course, and an ongoing club OR as a summer camp.

Can I use my same email for an organization as my existing account?

NO, you will need to set up a new email address to be a teacher for an organization.

Do teachers need a background check?

YES, all teachers working for TFSC organization will need a background check before starting regardless of if they are an existing Outschool teacher or not.

Will there be other FSC facilitators at the same time?

Most likely, YES.
Our goal is to create a Fulfillment Ecosystem… supporting each other.
Life is complicated and there may be days you can’t make your class.
We have an established system for revenue sharing for those that step up on short notice.
75% of the Facilitator’s class earnings, for the absent time only, go to the substitute.

What happens to those who just ditch class, there has to be some sort of consequence right?

The system is designed so everyone can “buddy-up, or create a contingency-pod.
We hope this minimizes the chances for a facilitator to No-Show.
That said, life happens and the 1st time it happens, TFSC will bear the burden.
The 2nd time, a facilitator just simply doesn’t show up, they will be Warned and the 3rd strike may result in contract termination (circumstances shall be reviewed)

Can I partner up with other facilitators to become our own organization?

YES, You may find some people are better at marketing and others want more hours teaching.

We believe everyone should play to their strengths
TFSC will happily support you with additional revenue sharing.

Contact for more information

Should I hire a lawyer when becoming an organization?

YES 100%, As everyone lives in different states and countries, understanding what the laws are where you live in regards to building a business, hiring staff, taxes etc is really important.

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